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HelpCell Bank Introduction

Choose for healthy life! Starts with healthy cell storage. The human body has its own regeneration system to naturally heal the damage inside the body. However, this regenerative system will vary depending on biological age or biological environment. Keeping healthy cell in advance to ensure the future healthy life! HelpCell Bank is an integrated stem cell bank operated by adult stem cell research firm Hurim Biocell. HelpCell Bank offers professional service on extracting and keeping healthy cells from the tissues or blood according to the biological cycle. Available service as following: “MamanStem” Keeping cells from umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood at birth “WinerStem” Keeping cells from fat tissues containing many multipotent progenitors “HaemoStem” Keeping mononuclear cells containing stem cells and immune cells in peripheral blood “DentiStem” Keeping high efficient cells from deciduous teeth and adult teeth “RareStem” keeping and extracting healthy cells from tissues throughout human body Keeping healthy cells in advance to ensure our customers use healthiest cells when necessary in future.

Cell Sorting Stem Cell Function Product Clinical Trial
Hematopoietic stem cell Pluripotency and self-replicating ability to differentiate into all blood cells MamanStem
615 cases of Leukemia and cancer
Mesenchymal stem cell Ability to multiply and replicate into human tissues, such as nerves, cartilage, bone, muscle and fat. WinerStem
154 cases of Parkinson and autoimmune disease
Peripheral blood cells Immunocytes and stem cells such as T cell, B cell, NK cell and dendritic cell are included as circulating mononuclear cell present in blood Haemostem 19 cases of tumor and critical leg ischemia

Please refer to clinicaltrials.gov and searching “recruiting” for clinical trial details (2017. 11.10)